Animal Control


Be responsible for your pet’s behavior. Animal Control Bylaw No. 052 ensures the public health, safety and wellbeing of residents and their pets. The Animal Control Officer for Quispamsis responds to animal related complaints/situations and promotes responsible pet ownership.

The NBSPCA has been awarded the Animal Control Contract for the Town of Quispamsis as of Oct. 1, 2020. Please contact them at 1-877-722-1522.

Details of their organization is available on their website of

Thank you for your continued care of our four-legged family members.

Pet owners are reminded:

  • Dogs and cats in Quispamsis require an annual licence/tag.
  • When out for a walk with your dog, please clean up after your animal and remove any feces. Stoop & scoop bags and garbage bins are available at the entrance of all parks and walking trails for your convenience. Otherwise you may be subject to a $50 fine.
  • Five (5) or more dogs requires a Kennel Licence and/or Breeder’s Licence pursuant to the Animal Control Bylaw.
  • An animal found running at large or appearing to be abandoned may be impounded.
  • Please ensure animals are on a leash that is at maximum three metres in length.
  • Animals are not permitted on public beaches or sport fields at any time.

Lost Pets

Losing your dog or cat can be a traumatic experience. If you find a lost animal or are trying to locate one, please contact the NBSPCA at 1-877-722-1522.

Annual Licences

A town tag ensures that, if your dog or cat is lost, it can be returned to you, and the public can easily identify that your dog has been protected against rabies. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required upon payment.


Dogs and cats spayed or neutered:  $10 (one year); $25 (three years); $60 (lifetime with microchip).
Dogs and cats unaltered:  $25 (one year); $60 (three years); $100 (lifetime with microchip).

Owners are reminded that dogs and cats must be kept on owner’s property. If you have an animal control situation which requires attention, please contact the Town at 849-5778.