Building Inspections


The Building Inspection Department reviews plans, issues permits, and performs inspections to ensure all buildings are constructed in accordance with all relevant codes, standards, and bylaws.

A Building Permit is required when building, renovating, locating, relocating, maintaining, demolishing, altering or replacing of any building or structure. Some of the accessory structures that require a building permit include (but are not limited to) Garage, Accessory Building, Deck, Fence, Swimming Pool, Permanent Signs and Temporary Signs. Permits are required for renovations where the work impacts structure, safety, egress, access, drainage, or the building envelope which includes replacing windows, replacing mechanical equipment for heating, cooling or ventilation, and the erection or removal of walls. If you are unsure if a building permit is required for a project you are undertaking or have questions on the process, please contact the building inspection department.

The following work does not require a permit. If the work you are doing is not listed below a permit is required:

  • replacement of roofing shingles;
  • painting;
  • replacement of finished floor covering;
  • changing interior doors, provided they are the same type, location and size;
  • plaster and drywall repairs;
  • wallpaper installation;
  • electrical maintenance;
  • installation of gutters or downspouts;
  • installation of storm doors and shutters;
  • re-facing or replacing kitchen cabinetry;
  • the installation of interior cosmetic trim; or
  • replacement of siding.


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