There’s nothing better than enjoying a hot summer’s day at the beach. Enjoy the cool waters of the Kennebecasis River at Meenan’s Cove and Gondola Point supervised daily from 12pm-5pm during the summer months. There is also an unsupervised beach at Ritchie Lake.

Important things to remember:

  • Skateboards are only permitted in the Skateboard Park. Riding skateboards in all other public parks is prohibited.
  • Any person riding on or operating a skateboard will be required to wear a helmet
 approved or certified by CSA or similar agency for use.
  • No person shall carry a lit cigarette, cigar or pipe in any public park or public beach where signs are posted.
  • The use of archery equipment, firearms, airsoft guns, pellet guns or air guns on any public beach or public park will not be allowed.

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