Ritchie Lake


  • Beach (unsupervised)
  • Walking Trail
  • Picnic Tables
  • Benches
  • Playground

Ritchie Lake Park is a small park located on Ritchie Lake, just off Pettingill Road on (Cedar Grove Drive). It contains a unsupervised beach, a short walking trail, and has both benches and picnic tables.

Ritchie Lake Beach, an unsupervised beach, is located in the centre of the Town and offers a playground, picnic area, a beach ideal for children to wade, and a short walking trail along the bank of the lake. The public benches along the trail are a wonderful spot to stop watch the various wildlife, which inhabit the area.

When using town parks, please be cautious and do so at your own risk. Regular maintenance is conducted on a seasonal basis, from May to September.

During the months of October to April this area is not maintained, monitored or supervised by Town officials.

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