Animal Control

The NBSPCA has been awarded the Animal Control Contract for the Town of Quispamsis as of Oct. 1, 2020.

Complaints or concerns about animal control should be directed to them by calling 1-877-722-1522 or [email protected].

Details of their organization is available on their website of

The Town provides information and conducts investigations relating to the keeping of animals, including complaints involving cats and dogs.

Here are the current licensing fees in Quispamsis. Note the discount for life-time license.

As part of the Proposed by law revisions to Animal Control Bylaw #52, staff was asked to investigate multi-year and lifetime license options for both cats and dogs.

The investigation led staff to discover that most jurisdictions are opting for multi-year fee structures rather than strictly a lifetime license since owners tend to license based
on age of dogs. Younger puppies would get lifetime license while older dogs tended to have shorter term licenses. In our investigations it was also discovered that many
jurisdictions still required Rabies information that tended to be renewed on a 3-year cycle.

In Quispamsis, we found the main purpose of the license was to ensure animals get reunited with their owners and the secondary purpose was to ensure the safety of the public was protected by ensuring animals were properly vaccinated.

The town animal control officer does have equipment to scan and read microchipped animals in order to determine ownership and it was felt by staff that the opportunity
presented itself with this bylaw revision to incorporate this into the licensing structure.

Phone: 849-5778

Email: [email protected]


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