Streets & Transportation


The Town of Quispamsis has more than 175 kilometres of roadways that are monitored and maintained year round by the Works department. Each season, the Works Department initiates a comprehensive maintenance program to extend the quality and longevity of the roads, keeping them safe for drivers. Repairs and maintenance include asphalt surfaces, ditches, sidewalks, storm sewers and signage on each street in town.

Quispamsis often receives positive input and feedback from residents, ensuring the town stays on top of potential problem areas such as potholes, localized flooding and snow clearing.

The public works building (18 Municipal Drive) is located next to the Quispamsis Civic Centre and Fire Station #2. For information call 849-5752.

Snow Removal

During a winter storm, works crews concentrate on keeping the arterials, collectors and main roads clear. Subdivision and secondary streets are done in accordance with the Snow Removal Routes that are pre-assigned to the snow plow operators. To ensure timely and efficient removal of snow, parking is prohibited on streets between midnight and 7 am. Vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense if they impede snow plow routes. Please keep in mind:

  • Keep kids safe and ensure that snow forts are not constructed on, or near, the street.
  • Snow plows or blowers may create reduced visibility and subsequently operators may not be aware that the structures, or children playing in them, exist. Across Canada young people have often been hurt or fatally injured as a result of playing in these snow structures.
  • Some homeowners place reflective markers along driveways and in front of their properties. It is the town’s responsibility to clear the full width of the streets, and unfortunately some markers may be damaged or knocked over by the snow plows.
  • Please use caution when placing these markers, as the town is not responsible for replacing them. Generally, once a snow bank has been established after the first couple of major snowfalls, this does not become an issue.

For more information, contact the Works Department at 849-5752 or 849-5778.

The town provides Quispamsis residents traction sand for walkways and driveways. Residents are asked to bring their own storage container for gathering the sand, which is located between the Civic Centre and the Works Centre on Municipal Drive. This sand is available for personal use only and is not to be used by commercial operators. Please be aware that the sand does contain salt, and may harm grass, concrete and asphalt if applied heavily.


During the spring, ice thaws and snow cause water to enter cracks in the surface of the road. Traffic travelling over these areas further weakens them, and in a short period of time, forms a pothole. Priority will be given to potholes that affect many drivers. Notify the Works Department at 849-5752 if you discover a pothole that requires repair.

Street Lights

If you notice a burned out streetlight that needs to be repaired, call 849-5749. Streetlight outages may also be reported directly to NB Power. Residents who feel their area should be considered for a streetlight can make a request, in writing, to Mayor and Council. The request will be evaluated on the following guidelines:

  • Intersections
  • Dangerous Curves & Knolls
  • High Pedestrian Traffic Areas (i.e. sidewalks)
  • Cul-De-Sacs for Security Purposes