Through technology, training, and teamwork, the Utility department provides health and environmental protection to residents of Quispamsis. This is done by ensuring water and sewer infrastructure needs are met and systems are operating in accordance to provincial and federal guidelines.

The utility is licensed to operate water and wastewater systems and facilities by the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government. Operations, facilities and staff are audited annually to ensure compliance. This evaluation ensures all conditions of the approval to operate are being met. System operation is based on the multi-barrier approach to health protection.
Operational approval also requires submission of an annual report to the province summarizing all aspects of its operation, including a water quality analysis summary.

Backwater Valves

All homeowners should be aware of the necessity of a backwater valve. The backwater valve is a check valve and, when working properly, it can help prevent a backup of sewerage water into the basement area of your house, due to a sewer main blockage. This valve should be installed on the building drain just inside the foundation wall, inside an access panel in the basement floor. In cases where the building drain goes through the wall, the valve must also be accessible. The Sewerage Utility Bylaw states that all new homes must have a backwater valve installed on the building drain inside the foundation wall.

The Utilities department is located at the public works building (18 Municipal Drive), next to Fire Station #2. For information call 849-5778.