Deputy Mayor Libby O’Hara

Libby O’Hara is completing her second term as Deputy Mayor. During this time, as we enter the final year of this term, Libby has embraced moving the Town of Quispamsis forward in search and execution of new opportunities and practices. Recently, this has meant approving an operational review in an effort to find a baseline from which to springboard the town forward. An assets management inventory and historical timeline have also been created which will better allow for future planning of new projects while maintaining current infrastructure, all based on prioritization and costs.

She is proud to be a part of a group who encourage public engagement, create policy and set budgets, that have allowed the town to move forward while still being aware of the limits of financial ability. Staff employed by the town are fearless pioneers who are willing to adopt and incorporate new practices that has seen Quispamsis on the cutting edge of Municipal ownership in the latest technological practices. A Council who questions, disagrees with, or supports staff proposed initiatives will continue to result in providing services and operations to the best of our ability. Collaboration and understanding by staff and Council are key. This is what gives a successful balance to our town, stepping up and agreeing where necessary and having the courage to disagree where necessary. All action must be for the greater good of the town and the residents.

As well as holding the position of Deputy Mayor on Council, Libby currently serves on the following Town Committees: Finance, KRPF Board of Directors, Nominating, Personnel, Climate Change, and the Regional Facilities Commission. Her record of attendance on all of these committees and Boards is testimony of her commitment to the residents of the Town of Quispamsis.

Libby believes opportunities need to constantly be explored to maintain healthy growth in economic development and population, matched with appropriate service delivery in the most effective and efficient manner. Libby has served as Chair of the KVFD, served on the Kennebecasis Public Library, and in her current position on the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force Commission, she is well versed in, and witness to, regionalization of services where it is mutually possible and feasible, and encourages investigating regionalization in other town services.

As a former educator, Libby worked in local valley schools and following retirement, for UNB Fredericton. She believes education and literacy are important components to healthy communities and was happy to welcome the construction and completion of two new schools in Quispamsis during her tenure.

The growth and success of Quispamsis has moved in a forward direction over the past 8 years, and it is Libby’s wish to see this continue in the future. Libby has provided leadership and support to her town, her fellow Council members and to staff, and will continue to assist residents by listening to them express their views with the goal of providing assistance and information for the growth and good of the town. True leaders give guidance, allow for differences of opinion and make appropriate decisions with input from all stakeholders.

A resident of Quispamsis since 1983, Libby and her late husband Paul, had the pleasure of raising their son and daughter, in the valley, where they were both educated and learned valuable life lessons through sports, drama, art and music. A vision Libby has for the future of Quispamsis would be to increase business, commercial/retail development and see mixed residential growth develop and improve at the same time.