Asset Management Plan

In 2018, the Town of Quispamsis retained R.V. Anderson Associates Ltd (RVA) to assist with the development of a comprehensive asset management plan and improve asset management practices within the community. To date, the Town of Quispamsis has completed several key initiatives, listed below.

1. AM Policy – institutionalizes asset management within the municipality and articulates several key elements: Council’s commitment to asset management, objectives Council wishes to meet with the policy and strategic guidance to staff.

2. AM Strategy – outlines the key practices, processes and approaches used to implement the AM policy. Additionally, the AM strategy will articulate the current opportunities for improvement to advance asset management planning in the Town. The AM strategy is prepared by the Town’s Senior Management group and is intended for both internal (municipal staff and Council) and external (public) audiences.

3. Data Review Report – assesses the completeness and accuracy of asset data and information and identifies opportunities for improvement. The data review report is key to determining the level of confidence in the results presented in the State of Infrastructure report.

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